Why GoodTemps?

How GoodTemps Can Help

GoodTemps is a non-profit Temporary Staffing Service. We have hundreds of people with skills and training to fit any job requirement. We recruit our candidates primarily through the Workforce Development Centers located in counties along the lakeshore, as well through other Michigan Works! Offices in West Michigan, advertisements in the local newspapers and the Michigan Talent Bank.


We do not require a minimum amount of time that a temporary employee must work at your company, before permanent hire. We do not require or charge any fees associated with absorbing a temporary employee onto your permanent payroll.


We perform background checks on all candidates at no cost to you. We can also arrange for drug testing for a nominal fee, if requested to do so. In addition, we can administer any preemployment or aptitude tests that you may require to qualify a candidate.


Whether you have a requirement for general laborers, office professionals, or highly skilled technicians, we can recruit and qualify candidates for you. If you like, we can send you finalists for interviews, or assign the person we deem best for the job to start immediately. In essence, we can act as an extension of your HR department! We believe you will find our rates to be very competitive, our employees to fit your requirements, and our staff to be very responsive to your employment needs.

GoodTemps is proud to be part of the employment environment in Muskegon and along the Lakeshore. We are fortunate to dovetail with the other services that can be provided in helping people to prepare, obtain and retain meaningful employment, through our career services programs. Those programs include job search, resume preparation, financial literacy, temporary job assignment, and ultimately permanent employment.

Last year, GoodTemps engaged approximately 1,200 individuals in over 360,000 hours of employment. One in five of those individuals had their temporary assignments result in permanent hire.


We can do a little or a lot … it’s all up to you! We perform comprehensive background checks on all candidates at no cost to you. Optional services include: recruiting, job fairs, interviewing, screening, drug testing, physicals, employee orientation, skills training, payroll processing, and more! In addition, we can administer any specific skill or aptitude tests that you may require to qualify a candidate. By utilizing our large pool of qualified workers and network of employers, as well as sharing our expertise on state and federally funded wage reimbursement, training programs, and other possible tax credits.

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