Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Employers

What is the temp placement process when requests are placed?

We match our employers request with the skill sets of individual applicants, and the needs of the employer request.

  • We can select the candidates off our vetting process and send them directly to employee.
  • The employer may want to review resumes first.

The employer may ask us to schedule a one-on-one interview so they can meet with candidates before assignment is offered to them through GoodTemps Staffing.

Once selected, the candidate comes in for orientation prior to beginning the assignment.

Do account representatives carry smart phones?

Yes, The Director of GoodTemps and Business Development Specialist are available 24/7 to manage issues. Placement of contracted workers is done between 8 am – 4:30 pm Monday thru Friday.

What is one of the staffing service’s toughest temp placement challenges?

Trying to predict Success in the workplace.

What are their rates? Are they ever negotiable?

Rates vary depending on the job and work environment. Rate is negotiable but GT has best rate compared to its competitors and offers more services and support to contracted worker should they need additional assistance.

What type of satisfaction guarantee is there?

We place qualified candidates based on interview, reference checks, background checks and our extensive vetting process.

If dissatisfied with a temp’s performance, what are the remedies?

GoodTemps offers job coaching, attendance contracts, retention programs and classes to be able eligible to stay on an assignment or have the opportunity to start another assignment with improved work habits.

Another option would be to put a new contracted worker in the position.

How often has the staffing service placed temps that were not satisfactory to a client?

This can happen but the vetting process is consistent to avoid this from happening. If it does occur we will begin an immediate search for you at once to locate a more viable candidate.

How does the staffing service handle ending assignments early when a temp is not performing as expected for a client?

We ask that the employer let us know just as soon as they have a concern. We will contact the worker before or after the shift is completed and let them know their assignment is ended and not to return. We will tell them why and our case managers will follow-up and work with them depending on what the issues may be.

What are some of the specific items that the staffing service offer temp coaching in?

Retention classes, one on one with trained and professional case workers specifically related to the employment field.

Does the staffing service coach temps on the challenges unique to temps?

Each is handled on a case by case basis.

How does the staffing service ensure that temps adhere to client confidentiality policies?

This is outlined in our employee handbook and reviewed on the day of orientation for the new assignment.

Does the staffing service place “temp to perm”?


What are the rates for "temp to perm"?

Currently this is approximately 1 out of 5.

Does the staffing service waive their placement fee when a temp goes to perm status, say after 90 days? If not, is that fee negotiable?

There is no fee to employers to hire contracted worker on or before the probationary period is completed. We do ask for a customary probationary period to recoup fees associated with locating and recruiting the temp.

What percentage of temps does the staffing service place on short-term assignments?

Less than 10%.

What percentage of temps does the staffing service place on long-term assignments?

Greater than 90%

How often does the staffing service typically visit their clients on-site?

Case by case as it is dependent on the employer’s needs.

Why is this staffing service different/better than others?

Case management, no fees, pass though programs for employees within the community to offer services offered to help their needs be met.

What is the one benefit clients should know about that this staffing service provides?

Professional and hold high degree of integrity.